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a night tour visiting traditional and meaningful places located inside the Historic Center, discovering typical Brazilian drinks and foods, and also some gastronomic secrets - having a lot of fun at night Old Downtown!


on Thursdays

​at 8h00 pm

be there 15 minutes before!

Duration: 3h30min.


Meeting Point:

>> República     Square


next to the Tourist
         Information Center


subway station:
(red and yellow line)

Address for Uber/Taxi:
Praça da República, 48 - Centro,

São Paulo - SP (CEP: 01046-010)

São Paulo - Brazil
Ending Point:

>> República Square

​​subway station: República (red and yellow line)

The tour

Beginning time: 8h00pm

at the Meeting Point



 bars and        


We selected the best places located Old Downtown to visit, and discover different drinks and foods from their menu, to have a fun and authentic local gastronomic experience at night, guided by local and friendly tour-guides!

Duration of the Tour: 3,5 hours



LOGO Serto 01.png


LOGO Paribar 01.jpg




Duration of the visit: 30 minutes!

in each place

During the time we spend visiting each local place, our guide will show you the three best and amazing itens of the menu (chosen by us!), that you should consider ordering to try during our visit!



 to order and try!      


You will be able to order and try our recommendations during the 30 minutes  we stay in each  bar/restaurant.

Everything you order during the visit should be paid individually (except the free-tasting included on the tour) before we leave to the next destination. All of the places accept credit cards.


We believe these three recommendations we show will give you an amazing and unforgettable gastronomic experience, with different tastes and flavors to drink or eat, information and knowledge about each new drinking discovering!


And one of these three recommendations 

is included on the tour as a free-tasting!

We suggest you also to order and try our other two recommendations while we are there, to have a complete gastronomic experience! You will spend about R$10/30 extra in each place if you want to order and taste what we suggest to drink or eat, or either other itens of the menu.

Consider that, because it's worth! It's a unique experience to taste secret flavors of Old Downtown!



LOGO Drosophyla 02.png


In each place we visit, we will have a free-tasting included on the tour, one for each participant, that will be given while our guide tell about it.



 A tasting included 

 in each place 

 we visit! 


This free-tasting will be one of the three recommendations we tell you about each place we visit. This tasting is already chosen by us, that you will discover during the tour!

Every food or drink of tasting is related with the best of the bar or restaurant we are visiting, giving us a exemple of what they do best.

Most of the tastings will be drinks. There are a few free-tastings with meat. But for vegetarians can be replaced for another option without any meat. There is no vegan options, we apologize.

After the free-tasting, we will have time to spend and enjoy more the bar or restaurant we are. And our guide will tell curiosities about what you drink there, to discover and understand the new flavors you can be tasting during the tour!

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