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 About Us 

São Paulo Night Tour and São Paulo Free Walking Tour!

We're a brazilian company, local business, that was founded in january of 2011, in São Paulo, Brazil, with the purpose to offer tours that gives a historic, touristic, cultural and local overview of the city, in a different, informative, healthy and fun way - for backpackers and opened-mind travelers.

The Free Walking Tours were opened to the public in 2012, and now we have three different routes to discover the history and culture of São Paulo: Old Downtown (historic center), Paulista Ave (cultural heart) and Vila Madalena (local side). So far, more than 82,000 travelers have joined the SP Free Walking Tour!

In 2019, with the purpose to offer a better and complete experience in São Paulo, we launched the gastronomic tours - with two different products: one is the São Paulo Food Tour (more food), and the other is the São Paulo Night Tour (more drinks). Paid tours with small groups, visiting four different meaningful places, discovering their menu, eating and drinking, having a free-tasting in each of them, and having a gastronomic experience with us!


Local business. Local guide. Local economy. 

Our company - FWT São Paulo - is authorized to work with Walking Tours in São Paulo, having the necessary documents, following all the regulations and laws of the Brazilian Constitution, as also the copyrights and namerights of the brand 'São Paulo Food Tour' in Brazil.
In all of our tours, there is an official licensed tourguide, to ensure the quality and professionalism of the experience around the city, as also a recommendation of the Tourism Department of the Brazilian Government.

We believe in Sustaintable Tourism, less impact and more real connection with the local culture. Through our work, we want to offer a real and fun experience, with local tour-guides, sharing local history and culture and supporting the local business.

We do our best, because we love doing what we do! 

Our staff is made by the coolest local guides of the city. Made by Brazilian and qualified local professionals, who love the brazilian history and culture, and love meeting new people, being helpful and friendly to show the city to everyone and have fun together!
Everybody speaks Portuguese and English, and each one has the best qualification and skills in order to offer this service to you.


So, here are the members of our Staff who work during our night tours:



Would you like to work with us?!
​- speak English?
- have traveled abroad?
- like to meet new people?
- licensed tour-guide? 


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