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Where to find a  DISCOUNT.CARD  in São Paulo

DISCOUNT.CARD is a card that comes
the Promo.Code - a code that you insert during your Online Reservation, and then you don't need to pay R$5 online in advance with an international credit card.
In these places below you can buy your DISCOUNT.CARD for R$5.
Through that, you don't need to use a credit card to book online in advance.

 our Free Walking Tours 

at the Meeting Point, before the tour starts - with our staff

in the end of the tour, after the guide finishes - with our staff

box OD infoTour 2019a.jpg

Ending Point: São Bento Square

box PA infoTour 2019a.jpg

Ending Point: Casa das Rosas Cultural Center

box VL infoTour 2019a.jpg

Ending Point: Batata Square


coming soon

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